Erickson Auto Diagnostics
 John S. Erickson - Ford and A.S.E. Master Technician



"In 1977 when I first started as a mechanic, many things about the automotive service industry were very different. Automobiles have gotten much more complicated, and the likelihood of finding a technician with the ability to correctly diagnose the root cause of a problem without replacing unnecessary parts and components has become more remote, especially when the computer control system is involved.

Another issue with the current system is the fact that you can't even talk to anyone at the shop with mechanical experience.

Although the cost of tools, equipment and overhead is going to be significant for any business, I believe that I can offer absolutely first-rate, accurate and honest automotive service, using Ford/Motorcraft Factory Parts , for significantly less money than other repair facilities do.

If you have ever had concerns about fairness of price, accuracy of diagnosis and/or honesty and integrity of automotive service that you have received in the past, give me the opportunity to show you how I feel it should be done."

-John Scott Erickson