[HAM] Hammond H100/ HX100

Robert Hayton x77dude at bigplanet.com
Fri Jul 9 11:51:34 CDT 1999

Joar.Stromseng at kvaerner.com wrote:

> Hi there
> I have come across a hammond model HX100, and are trying to find some
> information on this model.
> Pictures, links all the info i can get is welcome.
> Could someone out there help me?

At the HAMMOND/Leslie FAQ site <http://www.theatreorgans.com/hammond/faq>, click
on the link for "HAMMOND and Leslie Models," and then your choice of the "frames"
or "non-frames" link to the HAMMOND model pages.

The HX-100 is H-100 guts in an X-66 style cabinet.  There's a picture of an X-66
with its Model 12 HAMMOND tone cabinet in the background.  The picture of the
H-112 on this page is mine.  You can see additional pictures of my H-112 on my
website at <http://www.myplanet.net/x77dude>.  Click on the link to my H-100

I'm assuming that the HX-100 does not have the internal speakers, and thus should
come with the HAMMOND Model 10 Tone Cabinet, which is similar in appearance to
the Model 12 HTC that comes with the X-66, but smaller.

The H-100 series is a tonewheel HAMMOND with transistor preamplifier stages and
tube power amplifier stages.  I'm not quite sure what they did with it in the
HX-100 version... but the power amps in the Model 10 HTC are allegedly
solid-state (145 watts) driving 1 each 15" speaker and 2 each 8" speakers,
according to the FAQ.

The X-66 uses a 12 wheel tonegenerator which develops the top 12 frequencies.
The other frequencies are derived electronically.  The X-66 also uses
electronically-generated "bright wave" voices which can be combined with the
drawbar voices.  It's a neat organ, but probably a maintenance nightmare, as is
the H-100.

Robert Hayton
San Jose, CA

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