[HAM] EX Hammond dr-20 power cabinet ?

Bob Scarborough desertbob at rglobal.net
Sun Jun 18 20:27:52 CDT 2000

At 06:03 PM 6/18/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi folks ,I have a DR-20 power cabinet and have no idea what it is.<snip>

the DR-20 was a "utility" (meaning 'not fancy furniture') Hammond tone
cabinet built from 1939 to 1952.  It contained 2 12" EM speakers and the
Hammond oil-type reverb system.  It had a variant of the H-1 amplifier, 4
6V6s pushing 20 watts RMS on a good day, plus provisions for the reverb
signal.  It was NOT a very good cabinet, even when new.

>I'm not
>into organs and picked it up primarily 'cause it had a tube amp inside.<snip>

Probably not one of your smarter moves.

>any one tell me what it is ? any value or should I cannabilize for parts?
>Fwiw, it also states "reverberation  patent ......"<snip>

A died-in-the-wool (except me) Hammond collector might be interested,
otherwise, you've got yourself a pretty nice boat anchor there.  Hammond
amplifiers were pretty crude in these days, and the input sensitivity,
balanced input, and provisions for the reverb tank make it unusable for
anything else.  What kind of shape is the cabinet in?  Perhaps a collector
will bail you out on this one for a few bucks.  The oil-type reverb tank
works pretty well, until the Rochelle salts pickup crystal goes
south...then, it's a "tinkerer's delight".

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