[HAM] Crumar organs

EXT-Schurr, Larry Larry.Schurr at Wichita.BOEING.com
Wed Apr 25 07:18:02 CDT 2001

> Hi,
> That's a good question... for hammonds, I know the porta-B's are
> popular...
>  But I wanted to know, what's the word on Crumar organs?  I've seen the
> T2, which looks cool, but any clue on sound>?
Why, yes.  It just so happens I own one at this very moment :-)

The T1 was fairly popular in the late 70's, endorsed by Steve Walsh FWIW.
The T2 was, or course, twice as much T1 with a few extras.

The T2 had handy items like individual volume controls for the manuals,
available 20 note (or so) bass (which I have) peds, a 'sustain' feature,
pitch bend (uuh, OK), and that crazy Crumar 10 ranks (or so) of percussion.
They also had 2 red keys (k1, k2) for keyclick.  4 presets and drawbars top
and bottom.  In many ways, very much like the CX3 and BX3.

One of the mistakes many salesmen made was to tout the 'modulation' section
as on-board Leslie which, of course, it wasn't even close.  It IS, however,
tweakable to a servicable Vib and Chor effect.  Leslie or clone is req'd.
Absolutely Required.

Sound?  Well, there's more to it than sound.  BUT, All by itself, no leslie,
it has that unmistakable Italian organ legacy still glued to it -- not
initially obvious, but detectable.  It's B3 inasmuch as it sounds really
like nothing else - and about as good as anyone else's - but that's about
it.  I've used it with great results though.  Easily on par with an old CX -
though the Les sim in the CX is concievably useful.  Through the genuine
pre/147 setup, it's great!  The timbre is wonderfully convincing and musical
at any cliche setting and much more.   The controls allow resourceful
'tweakers' to bring the T2/Les output right in line with a grinder.  This,
also, because of the:

Playability.  2 (count 'em) manuals.  Unlimited 'polyphony' (no big trick).
It PLAYS like an organ, which, to me, makes it a much more musical
experience than a better timbre (like a NEW CX3) on a single manual.  It
does look cool and feels good to play.  The less-conventional controls are
fun.  The percussion is surprisingly good, and the extra ranks allow for
some useful effects - albeit, again, less than Hammond conventional.  But it
has 2 manuals -- did I mention that?  It has 2 :-)

Featherweight it ain't (about 100#) but much nicer weightwise than the
beast.  Built in 'stand' for that euro-deco look.  Compact for 2 full KB,
really.  I love mine.  My wife, of couse, is *less* impressed :0


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