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Brian Koludrovich brikol at telocity.com wrote:

>I have a Porta B with Leslie 900. It hasn't been played in years

>and only turns on but produces no sound.
>Would appreciate anyones opinion as to the value of this organ.

>Whether or not it's worthwhile to repair or sell as is and

>purchase a different model.
>Thanks, Brian

Hello Brian,

Your Porta B has the guts of the L-100 series, a decent organ but
not one of the most popular or desirable spinets.  The monetary
value in your organ I believe is the portable case and the fact it
is a Hammond tonewheel/tube product.

I believe it's worthwhile to repair and sell....you'll get more if
it's in working order....but watch what you spend for repairs.
I've seen them sell locally (Texas) and on eBay anywhere from $100
to $700, depending on condition, location and the buyer's
knowledge and motivation.

Regarding your Leslie 900, I have a non-working example I've been
saving to cannibalize for parts, and I'm interested in this
model's value myself.  I saw one sell recently on eBay for about
$500-$550 I recall, and that's in the range I've seen locally.  As
with the organ, the leslie's condition, location and the buyer's
motivation can swing the price up or down from that $500 mark.

As a rule of thumb on the solid state models and the so-called
"lesser" leslies, just add up the current value of the main
components -- usually two 2-speed motors, a driver, a woofer --
and that's usually what these things will sell for.  Forget the
solid state amp and the case/cabinet, they are worthless in this

The 900 series is a maligned model with apparent quality and
reliability problems, hence the quick introduction of the 910, a
much improved and superior product.

Good luck,


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