[HAM] Hamptone Motor Control Correction!

Michael Casino mtcasino at comcast.net
Mon Sep 27 18:26:42 CDT 2004


" Unfortunately, Michael Casino just doesn't know what he is talking
about! Maybe he has an agenda????????"

I do now!

The triac (L4008l6) used in the MK1-B, MK1-C and MK4 are not zero
crossover semiconductors.

The Triac driver chips are not zero crossover, (MOC3021 in the -B),
(MOC3022 in the -C) and (PS2506-1 in the MK4).

There is no circuit on any of the above mentioned models to find or
start at zero crossover.

They just start counting from the time power is applied at a rate of 120
counts per second with the delay of the rise time from the combined
semiconductors in the circuit.


The MK1-B was good for its time.
The MK1-C cut corners for the sake of three dollars in parts cost,
namely the transformer is now missing. In order to compensate, one leg
of the AC is tied to logical ground of the CMOS circuitry and a heat
shield jammed into the crevice of that plastic box preventing that
gigantic resistor from distorting the surrounding of it all.

Care to go on?

Mike Casino


hamster/hammond members,
The Hampton motor control uses a zero crossing, odd interval pulse
system. IT IS NOT RANDOM! This is synchronous with AC, and prevents the
motor from being switched while current is flowing through it. This is
the same design we have used since the very beginning, because it is the
easiest on the motors, and produces the lowest switching noise in the AC
power.  It also produces the most stable speed vs. a Pulse Width
Modulation (PWM) method, which generally requires a tachometer to be
stable.  The information provided below (i.e. the forum) is incorrect
and misleading.  

Thank you,  Scott Hampton 

We have always had great tech service and have always offered a money
back guarantee. After 8 years and over 3000 units sold, we have only had
to issued one refund. We generally continue sell 30 - 50 units a month.
The fact is the Hampton Motor Control works well. As far as motor
maintenance is concerned, most Leslie Speakers usually have not had any
servicing for years. Even a stock 2-speed setup will not work properly
unless the motors are cleaned, oiled and adjusted. That's just a fact. 

Unfortunately, Michael Casino just doesn't know what he is talking
about! Maybe he has an agenda????????

Bill Brown
BB Organ
133 - 76th Way NE
Fridley, MN 55432
fax: 763-574-7585


    The only unit available that actually pulses the Leslie motor is an
> "in chassis type". The two types you are considering turn the AC on 
> and off at timed intervals. The Carribbean at zero crossover and the 

> MK1-C is a random crossover. For the fractional HP motor in a Leslie, 
> zero crossover is good.
> In my experience, the Carribbean is far superior. I do not need to do
> all that recommended motor cleaning prior to installation with the 
> Carribbean Controls. (I will, I just don't need to). With the MK1-C 
> you must do the motor maintenance and then tinker with the belt 
> tensions to get a reasonable slow speed, than in three months time 
> repeat it. Not with the Carribbean.
> There are many reasons for this which would be too long for this
> reply.
> You will get some recommendations for the Hamptone because it has been

> on the market a very long time, but you will need to ask one question
> first. What version of the MK1 did you use, -B or -C? There is a big 
> difference. The MK1-B is a better unit than the MK1-C. Still neither 
> version can beat the Carribbean Controls for the money.
> BTW you can add the stop feature to the Carribbean.
> There is always the eBay route where you can get a MK1-C cheaper. Just

> remember you get what you pay for!
> Have you thought of asking the supplier of your choice for a money
> back satisfaction guarantee?

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