[HAM] Leslie Speed Switch Pop

Nick Hackleman hackshammond at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 17:51:51 CDT 2008

I'm somewhat new to Hammonds and Leslies so im not sure I'm up for the task
of changing out caps. I don't know anything about that stuff and I'm sure I
would get lost or confused. I would hate to have my Hammond and Leslie that
work fine now be reduced to temporaryly unusable while I pay a tech to fix a
rapair that I tried to make.

It sounds like getting a two speed converter might be a good solution. I
have only looked into the Hamptone and the Speakeasy Carribean Control. What
is an ISI Control. Keith... do you make products for Leslie two speed
upgrades. Could I get a link for info and purchasing.

Keith... also, you said "The ISI Controls will eliminate all noises in
switching and give
slow/off/fast motor operation". I was under the impression that if I
installed the Hamptone I would be losing the OFF speed on my single speed
22H Leslie. I though the OFF was replaced by the slow speed. If I'm wrong
please let me know. I'm trying to understand how these speed converters work
before I spend the money on one. Plus I don't wanna get it and realize that
I need something else to complete the process.

Thanks for all the help. You guys are unreal!


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